Ny artikel om renovräkningar på engelska

Sommaren 2021 publicerade Dominika och Åse en artikel i tidskriften Radical housing journal om renovräkningarna i Sverige, som bygger vidare på det arbete som presenterades i boken Renovräkt.

Artikeln beskriver de metoder som används av fastighetsägare för att få igenom en omfattande renovering i Stockholm och Uppsala och fokuserar på de sätt på vilka hyresgäster gjort motstånd. Bland annat urskiljs åtta olika former av motstånd. Läs mer nedan.


While governing practices, as articulated in policies and other documents
intended to shape tenants’ behavior, have been given considerable
attention in research, less attention has been given to the self-regulation of
tenants in practice or how these governance practices are challenged and
resisted from below. The ambition of our work is to study governing
practices deployed by housing companies in two Swedish cities to achieve
tenants’ compliance with extensive housing renewal plans, and to
conceptualize this means of exerting power as practices through which
tenants are governed, silenced and surveilled, and their collective interests
divided. Building on several years of ethnographic work among
communities of tenants experiencing extensive renovation of their homes
and, in particular, qualitative interviews and focus-group interviews with
tenants, this study analyzes how governing practices are exercised by
housing companies and contested by tenants. Our contribution is twofold:
First, we propose the broadening of the notion of repertoires of contention
alongside collectively organized contention to include covert and
individual forms of resistance. We understand these forms as mutually
shaping, and distinguish between eight forms of resistance repertoires
common among tenants facing renovictions (indirect evictions caused by
extensive housing renewal and skyrocketing rents) in Sweden: building
local identities, mixing formal and informal forms of organization,
delaying the process, detournement, politics of disengagement, demanding
accountability through visibility, reversing knowledge hierarchies, and
reversed shaming. Second, we aim to add to the still understudied field of
tenants’ mobilizations in the Swedish context.

Displacement, renovictions, resistance, tenants’ mobilization, Sweden


Artikeln finns att ladda ner på nedanstående länk.

Polanska, D. V & Å. Richard (2021). Resisting renovictions: tenants organizing against housing companies` renewal practices in SwedenRadical housing journal (3) 1:187-205.